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Simulation of Double Prime Factor Corresponding to the Spiral Structure

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Author: Haiming Xue, Jinggang Zhang

Abstract: The set of natural numbers (mod6) after arrangement shows symmetry distribution law of helical and natural number notation; and the law of period distribution and isometric transmission of p, q contained in the number of prime factor M has been observed; namely, two pairs of prime numbers, p, q, which can simulate the spiral kinestate of the Universal in time and space and the double helix structure of DNA base (A, T, G, C) sequences of genetic code structure and form. In addition, it can also as an innovation of research to study DNA sequential structure and coding, as well to predict the law and trend of the correlated things in universe. Then the digital model was constructed based on the two pairs of prime factor; and the law of the changing universe has been explored, which can provide solution to the issues related to spiral.

Keywords: Spiral Structure; DNA Gene; Composite Application; Two Pairs of Prime Factor; Other Scientific Research


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