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The Optimization of the InGaAs/InP Material for Photodetectors

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Author: Ying Tian, Jun Deng, Linjie He, Yujie Du, Xiaochen Niu, Wei Xia

Abstract: Room-temperature photoluminescence was used to study the influence of growth temperature on InP/InGaAs quantum well grown on InP substrate by method of metal-organic chemical vapor deposition(MOCVD).The growth temperature of InGaAs andInP was studied and analyzed in two experiments ,and the best growth temperature of InGaAs and InP was found to be 650℃and 600℃respectively. Preparation the material of In0.53Ga0.47As/InP PIN detector using the optimized conditions, the dark current of the detector is obtained by optimizing before is 2 orders of magnitude less.

Keywords: InP/InGaAs Quantum Well; Infrared Detector; PL Spectrum


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