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Comparison of Time Interval Statistic and Pulse Shape Discrimination in Fast Neutron Detection Method with Liquid Scintillation Detector Loaded Gd

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Author: Mohammed Adel Jawad Al-jumaili, Qiang Du, Jingjun Zhu, Xinde Lin, Wenbin Lin, Changjian Tang, Mustafa Raad Kadhim, Haoyang Xing, Shukui Liu

Abstract: Neutron usually appears with gamma, which is requiring the detector has the capability of n gamma discrimination. Pulse shape discrimination (PSD) is a common approach of n, gamma judgment, but required a complex process to select a suitable discrimination factor, and poor performance in the low energy range. A method based on the time interval of adjacent Signals was disrupted and adopted to compare to pulse shape discrimination in the fast neutron detection method. A good agreement between the adopted method and PSD method was achieved, including the total count ratio and neutron count ratio. The comparison proves the correctness of the theoretical derivation and validates the method in practice. The advantages and limitations of the method based on time Interval of adjacent signals were analyzed. The method provides an effective way to confirm the calibration of the neutron detection of a liquid scintillation detector. Also, as a simple way only requiring the time information about events, the described method has large application potential in some case of fast neutron flux or intensity measurement.

Keywords: Neutron Detection, Gd-loaded Liquid Scintillation Detector, Fast-slow Signal, Time Interval Distribution, Pulse Shape Discrimination


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