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Application Analysis of Forest Pest Control Technology

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Author: Yan Liu

Abstract: With the strengthening of ecological environmental protection consciousness in China, modern forestry has developed steadily, and the scale of trees has also expanded, but the incidence of diseases and insect pests has also improved. If trees are attacked by pests and diseases, they will wither, and in serious cases, large areas of trees will die. In order to avoid the adverse effects of diseases and insect pests on the healthy growth of trees, the staff must strengthen the research on the prevention and control measures of tree diseases and insect pests and apply them to practical work. Reduce and control the adverse effects of diseases and insect pests on trees, improve the survival rate of forest growth, to achieve good and rapid development of forestry, is also an important measure for China's forestry to achieve a benign cycle and promote the harmonious development of society.

Keywords: Forest, Plant Diseases and Insect Pests, Prevention and Control, Technology, Application


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