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Research of Materials Science is an international comprehensive professional academic journal of Ivy Publisher, concerning the development of materials science theory and technology application, on the combination of materials science theory and modern industrial technology. The main focus of the journal is the academic papers and comments of latest materials science theory research improvement in the fields of nature science, engineering technol... [More] Research of Materials Science is an international comprehensive professional academic journal of Ivy Publisher, concerning the development of materials science theory and technology application, on the combination of materials science theory and modern industrial technology. The main focus of the journal is the academic papers and comments of latest materials science theory research improvement in the fields of nature science, engineering technology, economy and science, report of latest research result, aiming at providing a good communication platform to transfer, share and discuss the theoretical and technical development of materials science theory for professionals, scholars and researchers in this field, reflecting the academic front level, promote academic change and foster the rapid expansion of materials science theory and technology research.

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Research advances in three dimensional graphene/ transition metal oxide composite in supercapacitors

Full Text(PDF, 2274KB)

Author: jianming lv, ruiguang xing, bangwen zhang

Abstract: As an intermediate energy storage devices between dielectric capacitors and batteries , supercapacitors have attracted intense attention mainly due to their unique properties such as high output power, long cycling stability, and fast charge/discharge capability. Three dimensional graphene (3DGN) are currently pursued as supercapacitor electrodes because it can provide short diffusion pathways for electrolyte ions and fast transport channels for electrons, and act as an ideal scaffold for forming transition metal oxide to obtain a synergistic effect. This review first outlines the different synthetic methods with respect to 3DGN, then focus on the 3DGN supported transition metal oxide composites, their synthetic routines, structure features and electrochemical properties. Finally, the challenges and future prospects of this kind of composite in supercapacitor applications are presented in the end of the review.

Keywords: Supercapacitors, three dimesional graphene, Transition metal oxide


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