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Geological Characteristics of Bayandun Polymetallic Deposit in Dornod Aymag, Mongolia

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Abstract: Bayandun polymetallic deposit, together with famous Ullan, Tsav, Muhar lead-zinc-silver deposit, are located in Dole nott uranium-silver polymetallic ore-concentrated zone in Dornod Aymag, Mongolia. The ore-concentrated zone and Manzhouli-Xin Barag Left Banner lead-zinc-silver polymetallic ore-concentrated zone in China are important components of fluorite-lead-zinc-gold-copper-silver polymetallic metallogenic belt between Central Mongolia and Erguna. The paper focuses on geological metallogenic background and geological characteristics of the deposit. Our work is hoped to lay the foundation for comparison to polymetallic deposits with the same type and research of metallogenic regularity in adjacent area of China.

Keywords: Mongolia; Dornod Aymag; Bayandun polymetallic deposit; geological characteristic


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