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Discussion of the Multi-level Social Demands for Urban Meteorological Research and Suggestions for its Prospects

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Author: Ke Liu, Yanli CHU, Shiguang MIAO, Xudong LIANG

Abstract: With rapid development of urbanization, urban vulnerability is increasing, especially in the significant impacts of urban meteorological disasters. Urban meteorological research on the enhance of the capacity of urban disaster prevention and mitigation has become a major scientific problem for the international community and the meteorological service. This paper summarizes the main progress of urban meteorological research, analyses and discusses the multilevel social demands for meteorological research. Finally, it figures out that the further researches should be done on the aspects of basic urban meteorological data collections, the urban meteorological observation, the model of urban system, the precise forecast system of environment and meteorology for the urban underlying surface, the communication mechanism between experts and users, the urban meteorological decision and support system, urban meteorological information technology, and the knowledge dissemination of urban meteorological science and technology.

Keywords: Urban Meteorology; Research Progress; Social Requirements; Research Directions


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