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Scientific Journal of Frontier Chemical Development

ISSN Print:2167-163X

ISSN Online:2167-1648


Website: http://www.ivypub.org/sjfcd



1.How can authors submit or track the processing status of papers?
Authors have to register online and submit papers online. You can contact the editorial board when meeting any problems. Before submission, authors have to read the submission guidance on “submission guidance” page and register on “submit online” website, where you should set your “user name” and “password” and fill in your personal information. After that, please log in the submission system to submit your paper and recommend reviewers. To track your paper’s procession status, you need also log in this system.

2.Why I failed to register?
(1) Please make sure that your user name includes no special characters.
(2) Your email address must not be a used one in this system. Once it has already been used, it can’t be registered again.

3.Why I failed to log in?
If you cannot log in, maybe you have to pay attention to the following situations:
(1) A wrong user name or password. If so, the system will inform you, then please click “find the password”, but never register again.
(2) If it shows “login failure”, it is mainly due to the existence of the same user name in the system, which cannot be solved by the author. Then the editorial board needs to combine the user names. If this is your situation, please contact the editorial board in time for help. We’ll be on the prompt service.

4.How will the review process go?
The review process contains the preview of the editorial board, review process (1st, 2nd and 3rd review) by our reviewers and the final review of editorial board. How many review times a paper will go through depends on the review decisions and the revision of the paper.

5.What’s the revision process like?
Papers which have gone through the review process will be sent to authors for revision according to the review decisions through email by editorial board. After receiving the revision notification, the author needs to revise it as required and send the revised version (word file) back to editorial board through the uploading channel of revised paper. (Note: the revised places should be highlighted with other colors).

6.How much time has been given to me for revising?
If the revised one has not come back in 3 months, the author will be deemed to give it up. For some individual ones, if the authors have not received the acceptance notification after 3 months for any information from the editorial board due to different reasons during the processing period, authors can submit them to another journal or require to withdraw the paper after getting the sure reply from the editors. If you want to withdraw you paper, please tell the paper ID, title, author name, and the reason for withdrawal, then our editorial board will no longer process your paper.

7.My paper has been accepted, then how will the Copyright Transfer Agreement be submitted to the editorial board?
Please transfer your copyright as the acceptance notification requires. The one not doing it will be deemed to agree to this agreement. You can contact the editorial board for details.

8.My paper has been accepted, then how can I pay the processing fee to the editorial board?
Please pay the processing fee according to the payment introduction in the acceptance notification. If you need to pay the fee in advance, please contact the editorial board directly.

9.How to order the journal?
You can contact the editorial board directly for details.

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