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Study On Anti-Blocking Agent of Calcium Chloride Hexahydrate Phase Change Materials

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Author: Peng Wang, Yadong Yuan, Fengyan Li

Abstract: Anti-blocking agent was studied against the agglomeration phenomenon of Calcium chloride hexahydrate Phase Change Materials. Uniform design software was used to prepare anti-blocking agent. Regression equation and full permutation optimization were established to check and predict the experiment data. Synergistic effect between each variables was investigated and the results showed that there were different degrees of synergistic effect during their value range, which could definitely influence the crystallization of CaCl2•6H2O phase change materials. It could be gained from the experiment that The optimum formula in mass fraction can be described as 1.85% Sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, 2.39% SHMP, 1.77% Sodium polyacrylate, and 1.27% Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide, 0.55% EDTA-2Na. The phase change materials possessed excellent stabilities and had no agglomeration phenomena when this anti-blocking agent was added into the system.

Keywords: Cacl2•6H2O; Phase Change Materials; Uniform Design; Optimization; Agglomeration


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