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Preparation of the Stoichiometric SnS2 and SnS Thin Films Using Spin-coating-pyrolysis Method at the Appropriate Pyrolysis Temperature

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Author: Junjun Chen, Chengwu Shi, Zhangpeng Shao, Zhengguo Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the stoichiometric SnS2 and SnS thin films were successfully prepared using spin-coating-pyrolysis method and the appropriate pyrolysis temperature were 260℃ of SnS2 and 320℃ of SnS. The atomic ratios of Sn/S for SnS2 and SnS thin films were 1:1.98 and 1:0.99. The stoichiometric SnS2 thin film exhibited the morphology with the bilayer structure, the bottom layer was compact and the upper layer was porous.

Keywords: SnS2, SnS, Thin Film, Spin-coating-pyrolysis Method, Pyrolysis Temperature


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