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Design of a Smart Bracelet for Elderly Care

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Author: Xinjia Liu, Xiuwen Yang, Yue Fan, Feiyu Li, Jin Rui

Abstract: This study proposes an intelligent elderly care bracelet that can help children of elderly people living alone in an aging society take care of their health and life safety Based on STM 32 technology, the bracelet uses single chip computer to realize real-time monitoring of the key body parameters of the elderly. The data is uploaded to the elderly care service platform mini-program "Smart Butler" through the Internet, and compared with the national standard health parameters for the elderly. In case of an abnormality, the small program will remind the children through a pop-up screen alarm to ensure that they can take timely action. Users can obtain health information and elderly care services through the platform, and can also put forward personalized needs, so that the needs of the elderly can be met in time. The platform also includes a regular reminder function to help the elderly take their medicine on time and avoid health problems. The results of this project are expected to greatly improve the quality of life of the elderly, reduce the pressure of children's care, and create a more secure pension environment for the elderly and their families. Through continuous improvement and user feedback, we are committed to realizing the innovative vision of smart elderly care services.

Keywords: STM 32 Technology, JavaScript, the Elderly Living Alone, Smart Pension


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